Ch.1 Quadratics

Table of Contents A quadratics equation takes the form [ax^2+bx+c=0] where (a,b,c) are constants, (aneq 0) This equation is interesting because if we were to plot the equation as a function (y) of (x), we get an parabola. The graph, as we shall see, is charateristic of the motion exhibited by an object under the […]

Introduction- A glance into the world beyond our intuition

Being one of the two pillars of modern physics, the theory of relativity is widely recognized. In addition to \(E=MC^2\), the theory of relativity covers a great range of topics, providing elegant explanations and theories that answer questions from “What is time?” to “What is inside a black hole?”. Through the journey of modern physics, […]

Ch.2 Operations with Nabla Operator

Table of Contents After introducing the mathematical definitions of gradient, divergence, and curl in the last chapter. Let us look at some useful identities that will come in handy when you are actually computing the operations. We will shall also examine two cases where the combination of two operations give a noteworthy result.  Operators We […]

Ch.1 Curl, gradient and divergence

Table of Contents Introduction Welcome to Chapter 1 of Vector Analysis! This is a self-study guide published to help you study for vector analysis. Vector analysis is a crucially important tool in higher level physics (electromagnetism, fluid dynamics, etc.). If you have previously been doing physics mostly with scalars, it is now time to step […]