Study Guides

Knowing something is the ability to explain it in a simple yet nuanced way. Physics with ease study guides are created by us as both a form of public service as well as self-excercise. We have compiled notes along with curated examples that we believe would be helpful to learn the topics. We intend on creating notes covering a wide range of subjects in physics and maths. 

There are three main series as of now: Classical Mechanics, Introduction to…, and Mathematical Methods for Physics (MMfP). Each serving their own niche. ‘Introduction to…’  series contain articles in both physics and maths, but places an emphasis on theoretical understanding as well as application of the knowledge. The Classical Mechanics series contain guides to independent concepts in classical physics. And MMfP, like the title suggests, places emphasis on building the mathematical tools necessary to be able to appreciate physics. 


An absolute blast! Introudction to Vector Analysis covers the mathematical tools you need to begin to appreciate the beauty of Maxwell’s equations, and more!



Course description not yet available.



MMfP: Polynomials and Complex Numbers introduces the concept of complex number at a fairly accessible level, along with its applications in physics. This guide also serves as an introduction to Taylor polynomials (series).



Introductory Quantum Mechanics covers everything a person would need to know to see the world in a whole new light!


Classical Mechanics: Special Relativity is an extension to Gallei relativity. Not much is 



Physics at the end of 19th century was at a crossroad. Learn all aboout electricity and magnetism and how that forever changed our understanding of light and physics as a subject.



Mathematical Methods for physics: Differential Equations is a thorough walk through of one of the most fundamental mathematical tools doing higher level physics!