Introduction- A glance into the world beyond our intuition

Being one of the two pillars of modern physics, the theory of relativity is widely recognized. In addition to \(E=MC^2\), the theory of relativity covers a great range of topics, providing elegant explanations and theories that answer questions from “What is time?” to “What is inside a black hole?”. Through the journey of modern physics, the use of our imagination is crucial. We are no longer constrained to the world before our eyes. We are no longer observing the motions of a falling metal ball or a rolling cylinder. Using our imagination, we explore the bizarre behavior of the microscopic fundamental particles, predict the faith of our universe, and travel with the speed of light. At those extremes, what will the world look like? Will the world still behave like how we think it will? In the following series of articles, I will convince you through experiments and mathematics, that the world doesn’t obey our intuition all the time. Now, I will bring you back to where this ongoing expedition all began, a tiny patent office, Germany, 1905.


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